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Status: Now Boarding

My daughter, Jessica, begins her pilgrimmage today to the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas. I just checked her flight details for the first leg of her journey from Cleveland to Atlanta. She is now boarding.

What an amazing story is beginning to unfold as she and other Hiram College students and faculty head to Bhutan to learn about a remote, Buddhist country situated between India and China. She will be gone 2-1/2 weeks and I will probably hear nothing from her as she leaves civilization as we think of it.

She spent her Easter break sewing skirts for she and her friends her were going on this journey. She did this out of practicality and respect. Respect because women in Bhutan do not wear pants and practicality because they will be hiking into the Himalayas to reach villages.

I will update my blog with information about her pilgrimmage into the Kingdom of Bhutan as I reflect and as I have information.

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