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Spirit in Action

I am sitting at Panera watching people instead of writing my Christology paper. At the table directly across from me the first couple to sit there were middle age. The smiles, the gentle touches, and the laughter were indicators that they were “in love.” The second couple to arrive at the table is a young 20-something couple. He came to the table first, set the drinks down and pulled out a chair. Then I saw her, a mother with child in utero. She slowly walked to the table and sat in the chair he had so carefully prepared for her. He then went to pick up the food and brought it to the table. The eye contact, the doting care, the gentle smiles are indicators of a love that is preparing to welcome a third to their union. Without knowing the biology, this is clearly his baby in her womb and she gratefully accepts his nurturing.

Is this not the Holy Spirit in action? The Divine is bringing people together in a broken and hurting world. God is in this place. I am blessed to have witnessed.

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