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Are you a reader or a techie?

I confess I love shiny new things, especially Mac-things. I admit it. I am a techie. The only thing that ever really keeps me from a new toy is the (lack of) money. Well, that and my wife who is a voice of reason when I’m blinded by covet-aneity for Steve Job’s latest way to separate me from my money.

I am also a reader, however. I like reading. I also have 50-something eyes that spend many hours on the back-lit treadmill. So, the last thing I want in an eReader, the last thing I want in my Kindle is a backlit screen, the distraction of anything but reading of the words on the screen. What I love about my Kindle is that it is a dedicated reading device.
The following blog about the Kindle DX 2 gets at this very issue. It is worth a read, especially if you’re a reader or techie who has been waiting to buy a Kindle until it is backlit, has a touchscreen color screen, or accesses the internet as well as an iPad.
Kindle DX2 and the 5% Features
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