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God Creating


Clouds roll in,
   covering the walls of stone,
   the trees of high,
   & the hope in my heart.
Hibernation seems best,
   with hope hiding in the fog.
Tosses, turns, fury & grief fill
   slumber’s dreams.
…God creating.



Awake but still asleep,
   my closed eyes miss it.
The magnificent eagle,
   flies beneath the clouds,
      in the midst of spring snow.
A love-partnered meal,
   she listens intently.
Though nods, “uh-huh” and “Yep, sucks,”
   don’t fix fears or hopelessness,
Her empathy sees me.
…God present.


Inky darkness falls,
   as human-made power fails.
A single candle lights the home,
   silenced by night.
The burning wick & shadows replace,
   the murmur of refrigerators,
      laptop beeps, & artificial laughter of TV.
In the starless night,
   enveloping silence brings an easy sleep.
Dreams obscure, 
   and an achey body,
      consume the slumber.


Night gives way,
   to morning resurrection.
Yesterday’s dark clouds, 
   blow eastward out of view.
Patience & hope roll in over the
   west peaks,
      while the sun creeps in from the East.
Deep blue river flows,
   between rocky cliffs. 
Green trees flocked in white,
   reach upward to the clear blue skies.
…God creating around & within.

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