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The Miraculous Perspective of Ever-Upward

Photo by Tim Graves (Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Barely halfway up to McCall Point, the view of the Columbia River Gorge spreads out in majestic splendor in this image from June 2012. Photo by Tim Graves (Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 3.0)

I like to hike up. Perhaps it is the result of having spent so many years in the midwestern flatlands that I relish a steep incline. Often when in the midst of a particularly strenuous uphill hike I think it is because I like to punish my calf muscles.

Mostly, I think it is the broad perspective of place and journey that captivates my being. Unlike much of life, which is filled with a day in, day out macro focus, ever-upward trails offer a miraculous perspective. Sometimes it takes what seems like endless hours but never has a trail failed to provide its miracle. No matter the hours of struggle, no matter the aching muscles, and yearning spirit eventually every path opens up showing me the miracle of the distance I have traveled.

Keeper of the Altitudes, lead us to the viewpoints that provide your perspective. Let the knowledge of how far we’ve journeyed encourage us to continue the sometimes painful path upon which we find ourselves. May the miracle of growth and transformation baptize us in divine love. 

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