The Long & Short of It

It was longer, it is shorter now. My colon, that is. Two years ago my right colon was removed. That experience of surgery, hospitalization, and months of recovery changed me. Significantly. On the second anniversary of my semi-colon, my incision said “hello” with a sensation that got my attention. It’s not unusual for it to speak … Continue reading The Long & Short of It

One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I was in surgery. One year ago today, my children and wife paced awaiting news. One year ago today, my life changed. I am healthy. The surgery was successful, though recovery included an infection which still tingles from time to time. I learned about vulnerability. I learned about weakness and allowing others to care for … Continue reading One Year Ago Today

Wiped Memories

Horror. Like a science fiction storyline, my memories were wiped from my brain. All I can do is feel a sense of disgust and fright. Apparently, it wasn’t enough that the strange hands had moved inside the walls of my abdominal cavity or that things were placed into every orifice of my body while I … Continue reading Wiped Memories