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I moderate all comments. Spam is not allowed because it is annoying and, frankly, this is my blog not your billboard. On-topic comments critical of my posts are encouraged. We all grow through a healthy and respectful discussion. Hatefulness or name-calling whether directed at me or others, are not tolerated. Anonymous comments will not be accepted. Oh, I don’t mind an occasional supportive comment either. We all need that sometimes.

If you believe I have not been true to this policy, please let me know. Perhaps, the policy is not clear or maybe I made a mistake. I am a fallible, imperfect human being with my own blinders.


  1. Just wondering how you are doing now? I have been told that a colonectomy may help with my condition. I have severe constipation, the nerves in my colon do not work to stimulate movement. My quality of life at this time is not so great, but I wonder if this radical option will make it any better. I’m frightened of the surgery but, also frightened of not having it. Do you have any advise or any related articles you could point me to? Thanks

    • Stacy, Thank you for asking. Nearly five-months post-op I am doing extremely well. I feel better than I have in a very long time. I fully trusted my doctor which made it easy to decide to follow recommendations. My situation seems to have been different than yours, however. Have you checked out the discussion board at That may be a place to get some good perspectives from others. The direct link to the discussion board is:

  2. You have a great blog, sir. Thank you for expressing your faith and blessing the lives of others with your words and pictures.

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