Love & Inclusion Too Controversial?

Once again, the networks have rejected an advertisement from the United Church of Christ.

This ad, like the one rejected by the corporate media last time, focuses on the idea that God doesn’t reject anyone. This particular ad opens in a church sanctuary as you hear a baby crying and the camera pans to an African-American mother with a crying baby on her lap. Another congregant pushes a button and the mother and baby are ejected (like James Bond’s ejection seat in his car). Next you see a gay couple, someone pushes a button and they’re ejected. Then an hispanic man, a disabled person in a walker, and then multiple people being ejected. Finally, you see what appears to be a poor or homeless person sit in the pew near a white family who slides away. The tag line on the screen says: “God doesn’t reject people; neither do we” as the voice over says, “The United Church of Christ. No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey you’re welcome here.”

Well, apparently this is too controversial to play on the nation’s airwaves. Apparently, Jesus Christ’s message of love and compassion is too controversial in an era when filth and money rule the airwaves.

You can view the ad for yourself or send a message of protest to Viacom at

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  1. H Tim,It is a shame that this commercial won’t be shown, but it’s not that unusual in this day and age. There was a situation with a Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods, and the hisotry of racism and golf. Lots of “White Only” signs and some very heartfelt words from Tiger. To give the networks the benefit of the doubt, something I rarely do, maybe they objected to the UCC’s commercials negative reflection on that white couple. Maybe if they showed an empty church after everyone had been ejected the commercial could have made it’s point, and made it to the airwaves. Maybe!

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