Tweets While Dealing with UPS

I shipped a flat panel plasma TV to my father last week. It arrived broken with a gash through the side of the box. I filed a claim online. They communicated with my father to pick it up and inspect it, then, inexplicably thought I would want my broken TV back even as they approved my claim. I received incorrect information on the telephone yesterday.

I feel faceless. UPS has not taken full responsibility for the mistake they made, placing the onus of fixing the problem on the customer. This is a big part of what is wrong in American culture when it is dominated by institutions (in this case a corporation). 

What we crave is real community and to be seen by those with whom we interact. We crave our needs being seen as equally important as those with whom we interact. Sadly, I don’t think it is just corporations or government agencies that do not see each person as a full human being. Too often all kinds of institutions from not-for-profits to churches also treat their clients or members as bodies but not people. What can we each do to change this culture? To become more people friendly? What will it take for us to look at one another–everyone we encounter–as the God created person they are?

The Tweets

56 minutes ago

A broken TV was just delivered to my porch. The UPS guy/gal didn’t bother to ring the doorbell. On the phone with UPS.

55 minutes ago 
I shipped this TV to my father last week. They damaged it.

48 minutes ago 
UPS used resources to ship me a broken tv that could have been disposed of where it was easier…

47 minutes ago 
…UPS also wants me to fill out a form with the same info I gave them when I filed the claim & FAX it so they can send a check. #Fail #UPS

46 minutes ago
To top it off when I called #UPS yesterday, they told me they had everything they need. #FAIL #nothappy

28 minutes ago 
So, I’ve copied the info off the claim I originally submitted. Now, I have to find a fax or mail this to another dept #UPS #Fail

11 minutes ago 
Best Buy supposedly takes BROKEN plasma TVs but to take it to them my car needs to be unpacked. Grrr! #UPS #FAILYou broke, you recycle it!

3 minutes ago 
Everytime I talk to #UPS, they’re “sorry for my inconvenience” yet heap on inconveniences 

by asking me for duplicate info on paper.#FAIL                                                                                         

2 minutes ago

This here ends the rant against #UPS #FAIL unless they have given me bad info about what I need to do. (They did yesterday.)

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