Where is Jesus?

The homeless & mentally ill live within their midst cared for with love and respect. Enough food & shelter for all. Taking the time for messy decisionmaking. Conflict resolution that mirrors the gospel.  Come as you are attire. Sharing of possessions. Support of one another at times of disagreement. Community (koinonia?) in action. Yes, the Spirit moves within and through #OccupyPortland.

Empty pews. Money for roofs and new carpets first. Leftovers for justice and the poor. Tentative greetings of strangers. Strange looks at the poor, homeless, & mentally ill who dare to cross the threshold. “Here’s some money! Run along now we’re praying for you.” Power in the hands of a few. The bright future offered by Jesus rejected because “my great-great-grandma built this church.” #TheChurch

Which image is more true to the Good News preached by Jesus Christ?

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