Always & Forever Creating

The world: it is transforming,
   changing from what it was,
   to what it will be.

The world is,
   always and forever transforming.

The people are responding,
   some are changing,
   some by embracing,
   and some by resisting a little or a lot.

The people are,
   always and forever embracing and resisting.

The Divine is creating,
  as the Divine did in ancient times,
  in not so ancient times,
  and in our times.

The Divine is,
   always and forever creating.

The One is lovingly creating,
  not created, not planning, 
  but being & doing love.

The One is,
  always and forever love.

The Divine One is creating with love,
  and in so doing instills Oneself, 
  and in so doing weaves the Divine
  into all that is and all that will be.

The One keeps creating,
  the love keeps flowing,
  whether we resist a little or a lot.

The Loving One is,
  always and forever creating with us and within us, 
  whether we’re resistance or embrace-ness. 

The One retrieves resistance,
  embraces it and transforms it,
  creating love with it.

For all that is created by love,
  for all that is created of love,
  gently steers resistance and embrace,
  to wholeness.

Always and forever,
  we move toward loving wholeness,
  guided by the love that creates and transforms.

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