Whitecaps of the One

The blue water of the river,
   absorbs the joyful sunshine,
      warming itself and,
          the abundance within.

Bedraggled, she walks the bank,
   the sparkling, divine water,
      radiates outward greeting her.

Joyfulness cannot be contained,
   by a rocky, sandy edge.
Whitecaps reach upward and outward,
   finding an ocular entry.

Burdened by the human-made,
   in a mere glimpse of the glistening joy, 
      the Divine rays of abundance, 
         flow into an arduous life.

The sun-water within her ripples into,
   her dispiriting presence,
      creating hopeful whitecaps in muddy waters.

Blueness saturates her brown eyes,
   and the divine sunshine flows downriver,
      breaking out of its banks into towns north & south.

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