The Contentment of an Urban Squirrel

Photo by Tim Graves
Urban Squirrel. Photo taken by Tim Graves in Portland, Oregon. (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Gathering with family in Portland last week, I spotted this well-endowed squirrel. “Oh yeah, that’s the big one,” said my daughter. She and her partner have an ongoing conflict with the many squirrels who inhabit their urban yard.

“We got five whole cherries off our tree this year,” sighs my daughter’s beloved.

Most squirrels I encounter do not have a personal cherry tree, a spare cherry tree, and an apple tree to call their own. Most squirrels I encounter are deep in the woods. Most squirrels I encounter move quickly away chattering at me, scolding me for my presence when I hike through their domain.

This squirrel, however, sat contentedly munching with a hefty belly even in January. This squirrel was unbothered by my presence as I walked across the yard to my car.

Today, I pray for the contentment of this hefty squirrel. I pray that I quit worrying about what I don’t have, what I wish I had, and what I don’t need. I pray I learn to recognize my full belly and stop worrying about the future. Amen.

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