Wonderful Beds!

Astoria, Oregon Hotel Elliott touts "wonderful beds." Photo by Tim Graves (Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 3.0)
Astoria, Oregon Hotel Elliott touts “wonderful beds.” Photo by Tim Graves (Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 3.0)

A comfortable bed is not even at the top of my list — that would be fast and reliable wifi — but it is among my top three requirements when I lodge away from home.

I don’t expect a bed that suits my preferences; beds are such a personal matter. I don’t expect to feel like I’m at home but I do expect to be able to sleep.

But apparently there is a hotel that promises wonderful beds! I spotted the boast at the top of the Hotel Elliott’s building as I wandered downtown Astoria, Oregon last summer. I can’t say with certainty whether or not the beds are in fact wonderful but I wonder.

I wonder if we sometimes expect too little. Too little from beds when we’re away from home. Too little from politicians who repeatedly mislead. Too little from self-proclaimed religious people who spew hurt and hatred. And even too little from one another when we shrug off poor behavior as “that’s just how he is.”

What if we sought wonderful beds, wonderful politicians, wonderful religions, and wonderful friends and neighbors? What if we held one another (and our beds) to higher standards and helped one another achieve that wonderfulness?

I know I’d sleep better.

Wonderful Divinity, move us to expect more and be more. When we fail to be as wonderful as you created us to be, help us to learn and grow. Encourage us to help one another be wonderful in all that we do. 

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