Sticky & Annoying

It clung to me,
sticky and annoying.

I could not let it go.
“And one more thing,” I ranted.

This is not healthy, I knew.
And so I reached out.

Maybe they don’t know,
or understand.

Tunnel vision can be forgiven,
so I entered the tunnel.

I shared, explained, and politely asked,
but I went unheard.

Corporate ease matters,
more than human need.

Greed reigns,
in the world order.

Hours of my time,
with mellowed melodies.

Maybe, I thought,
there’s a creative human way.

I appeal to the mortal one,
who recites practiced lines.

Can you imagine?
I ask in empathetic tones.

Humanity responds,
commiserating and powerless.

Human, for human,
manipulates the system.

Almost, maybe, but
the dollar, the pound, and the yen say “no.”

The 1% overlord,
reminds in practiced tones:

Humanity serves.

Sticky and annoying.

They have won,
unless we become one.

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