Pears lead to thoughts of Mom

I was cutting an organic pear for my lunch a little while ago. As I did I thought of the canned pears with the cream cheese filling that my mother served. I used to love those things. Now you couldn’t get me to eat one of those “plastic pears”.

Than my thoughts turned to what my interaction with my mother would be like regarding my vegetarian eating habits. (I became a vegetarian since her death four years ago.) I imagine that I’m cutting a fresh pear in her kitchen and she would be watching and ask me a question about how I maintain some aspect of a healthy diet without meat. It wouldn’t be a question that would push me toward being defensive; it would be pure intellectual curiosity on her part. You see my Mom was like that: she was perpetually curious and perpetually learning. I admired that in her. After she asked her question, she would probably share some tidbit of information about vegetarian eating that she had read in a respected journal or book.

I miss our adult conversations. I miss her intellect and her love.

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