Ahem, friends, we don’t own Jesus…we FOLLOW Jesus

The second day of the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ended, at least for me, with a powerful worship service. Holly McKissick’s preaching inspired, confirmed, and reinvigorated. She reminded folks that we are in the business of following Jesus. We do not own Jesus.

How do we “own” Jesus? We own Jesus when we imply that our understanding of his life is the only correct understanding. We own Jesus when we define Jesus’ message of love as one about insiders and outsiders. You’re on the inside when you adhere to narrow definitions of behaviors and beliefs. You’re on the outside when you don’t fit my standards.

We “follow” Jesus when we live our faith, striving to live a life of servanthood to all God’s people. We follow Jesus when we reach out in love to those like us AND those unlike us. We follow Jesus when justice, when the well being of the least of these, takes priority over our own comfort. We follow Jesus when we choose to err on the side of love and charity.

Location:Brick Church Pike,Nashville,United States

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