New friends, now friends, & old friends

The family reunion continued today as I greeted, hugged, and talked with long-time friends, friends I see at home, and I met new friends. One of the old friends I greeted, Kathryn, was accompanied by a new friend, Elizabeth. Kathryn spent a year with me at LTS in several of my classes. Elizabeth and I discovered that she knows my son. Other new friends include one of the regional ministers in Oregon where I will be living soon. Friends I see at home included a family from my church in Wheeling. At times I felt conflicted and overloaded as texts, phone calls, chance meetings, and hugs competed with one another for my attention. You know? That’s a great and joyous kind of overload to experience.

There is joy when friends reunite to be strengthened, challenged, and renewed for striving for God’s Realm (kingdom) of Belovedness.

Location:Brick Church Pike,Nashville,United States

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