Journey to a New Home Day 4: Family Convergence

We gathered in Louisville, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. We were Sebastians, Graves, and Shys. We came from all over: New York City. Chicagoland, San Francisco. Missouri. Oregon. We came through all over: West Virginia, Saudi Arabia, Alabama, upstate New York. Some of us had never met before. Some of us last saw one another at a funeral ten years ago. We all hugged our greetings. We all ate together enjoying the hospitality of one. Some stayed the whole evening. Some arrived late and briefly. All are connecting now as one family because of the love of two.

We joyfully talked about the future, sharing what has not yet come to pass. We embraced the coming unity of parts into a whole, a couple newly formed, and families just getting to know one another. We processed generational family history and tentatively applied it to the present as explanation. We tried it on to see if it might help us relate to those not present, to understand one another and ourselves. We shared pieces of an identity puzzle, an identity formed by the past and forming our future selves.

Yearning for more, we planned future gatherings. Reluctantly, we said goodbye, hugged, and parted.

Location:E South Boulder Rd,Louisville,United States

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