Read about my decision to take the SNAP Challenge here.

I was supposed to start the SNAP Challenge yesterday. I didn’t. I didn’t start it because it would be SNAPChallenge_Layer-1inconvenient. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of packing a lunch or waiting until I got back home to eat. I didn’t want to expend the energy on figuring out how I would cope for the day on a limited food budget.

I didn’t start it because I wanted to go to Burgerville with my wife. I wanted a Yukon White Bean burger and fries and they didn’t fit into the $1.50 a meal budget that is the average food stamp benefit.

This is the essence of what it is to hold privilege. I do not have to live on food stamps. I don’t worry whether I will have enough food until the next pay day. I can grab a veggie burger while on the run and I barely feel the expense. 

Already the nature of the SNAP Challenge has reminded me that my relationship with food is different than it is for those who live in poverty. 

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