I’m On to You! (An Ode to Poison Oak)

Photo by Tim Graves
Photo by Tim Graves

I’m on to you.

After that one time,
you know the time I’m talking about,
the time you infected my skin with your invisible weapon.

You ask will I ever get over it,
it’s been two years hence.
Did I mention I was miserable for weeks?

My skin puffy and crimson and the itch unbearable,
because you felt a need to protect yourself from my bare leg.
You could’ve just asked me to stay away.

You could stay in your area,
and I’d stay in mine.
But noooo, you encroach on my path.
Did I mention I was miserable for weeks?

But I’m on to you now.

I see you lurking beside the trail.
Your evil ways are known to me,
and I protect me from you.

I wear long pants when I’d rather wear shorts,
leaves of three invade my psyche and my nightmares,
but I know you now.

Sometimes I even protect me from benevolent three-leafers.
You should be ashamed at the bigotry you’ve created in me now.
I avoid raspberry plants and trillium and banana plants because of you!

Did I mention I was miserable for weeks?

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