Like a Dog With a Bone

The process of setting up camp is easy. Pull the tent out of its bag and, presto, the tent pops open. I love that! A few stakes later and I am all set. Breaking camp has been a bit more challenging. But yesterday, oh what a glorious day that was!

After sunset in my popup tent.

I am on a road trip traveling across the continent to reset my emotional, spiritual, and physical being. Despite watching YouTube and reading the picture directions repeatedly, I have struggled. And struggled. One morning it took me an hour of attempt after attempt. Finally, I got it folded so that it fits into its bag.

Yesterday and this morning, I got it down and into the bag within minutes! I feel competent. I’ve finally learned what to do.

Yeah, I’m persistent. I like that about myself.

My tenacity in learning how to fold the tent led me to joy, satisfaction, and feelings of “damn, I’m good!” But, of course, this is not always a virtue. If I’d been on a schedule, I might’ve been late. If my spouse were with me, she would have been extremely annoyed with my behavior. “Just stick it in the car!” I can hear her saying.

The downsides of my persistence are not limited to annoying others. Though my doggedness keeps me working a problem (with computers, people, or a tent) until success, I do not always know when to quit. As a result, I have made myself miserable at times. Sometimes I exhaust myself or stay in a job or other situation longer than I should. So, yeah, some balance is in order.

But today? I’m persistent, and I like that about myself!


  1. Chuckling….. I had the same struggle with my new tent this afternoon. Still not back in its bag! But I’ll try again tomorrow

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