I Was Shocked! (Ok, Maybe Just Surprised)

The wind picked up. The sound? Repetitive. My comprehension? It lagged ever so slightly.

As I set up camp, I knew thunderstorms and heavy rain were in the forecast. Not only did I close up the tent, but I also tarped it as added protection. Then the sun peeked out, and the meteorologists dropped the odds of rain. That is when I opened a few of the screens on my tent.

Pulling back the tarp and opening a few screens wasn’t so much a mistake as a calculated judgment. I knew rain could come. I took some precautions. I also opened a few screens. What happened next was on me. So, when my comprehension finally kicked in, I did what anyone would do next. I jumped out half-dressed, closed everything down, and got back in to ride out the downpour.

I also recorded a TikTok as if I had breaking news! I watched my TikTok after it was posted. (Doesn’t everyone?) I was shocked, ok maybe just surprised. Listen, do you hear it?

Notice my tone of voice. I wasn’t alarmed. I wasn’t stressed. I almost seemed to be enjoying the whole experience. I am traveling between my son’s home and my daughter’s home (and, of course, their spouses and my two sets of grands) as part of my trans-continental pilgrimage to reset my spiritual, physical, and emotional being following resigning my pastorate. Earlier in the day, as we were saying our goodbyes, my son revealed he’d been talking to his sister. He told her I was the happiest he had seen me in a very long time.

This might be what he was talking about. I can be happy when the rains come!

I blogged a few weeks ago about liking my persistence in learning how to take down my pop-up tent. (See Like a Dog With a Bone.) I’ve found another thing I like about my authentic self! I enjoy an adventure. I like overcoming adversity. I could have gone to a motel when the forecast looked ominous but I didn’t.

I like my willingness to risk, to prepare for possibilities, and that I can find joy when things go a bit awry.

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