Window (Uinneag)

in three parts paints,
a tryptic masterpiece
of sky, earth, and water.

Ever changing
always present
the interwoven trinity
of abundant life.

Viewscreen of
unfettered blue skies,
oppressive grey moisture,
and many-hued arcs.

Ever evolving,
clouds impermanent give way
to hopeful rays and fluff,
before darkening again.

While open-mouthed blooms
accept rain like baby birds
receiving worms,
the streets sparkle and glisten.

Tears from above
patter pitter on the sea,
combining with heavy breath
to buoy and bounce ships large and small.

Colluding together,
rain and sun, grey and light
wash and sterilize wounds,
revealing arcs of promise and hope.

in three parts
sky, earth, and sea
conspirators for healing and wholeness.


  1. My question is : Where are you exactly right now, Cousin Tim?
    My comment is: I love your word-picture of the blooms being ‘open mouth up toward the rain just as baby birds are waiting for a morsel from their mother..

    That thought is pure poetry. AJH

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