The Divine Presence

I felt them before I saw them. It was a wave of peacefulness, a sense of calm and well-being, or maybe it was loving energy, the Divine presence. Whatever, it is called, it was that presence that I felt. They were clustered around the obelisk, a memorial in Lownsdale Square to war veterans. A group of ten to fifteen were sitting at the base of the monument meditating. Their faces reflected what I had first felt. I basked in their presence. I basked in the presence of what I call the Divine. I basked in the presence of what I call the Holy Spirit. I basked in the presence of our interconnectedness as human beings and Creation. I basked in the Divine flowing within, between, and out from the meditators. I was changed and the world was changed by this simple act. 

“As our own peace of mind grows, so the atmosphere
around us becomes more peaceful.”
Dalai Lama

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