Hearing the Spirit; Making a Choice

My lack of presence at Occupy Portland today should not be seen as a change of heart. I fully support this global movement for economic justice. Rather, my absence reflects my recognition that we each have a role to play. In co-creating a better world I am called to be with a particular group of 2-year-olds over the next several weeks. These children need consistency of adult presence; they need the gifts I have to offer. For me to be who I must be for them this week, I chose to give myself a sabbath today.

I feel a bit guilty for my lack of presence today in downtown Portland. That is undoubtedly why I feel compelled to publicly explain myself. Yet, in the words of my most trusted advisor, “As important as the work of the Occupy movement is, those children need all of you this week.” 

God of Spiritual Gifts,

Thank you for the gifts you provide. Give me the wisdom to use them wisely in the furtherance of loving justice. Help me each moment to discern where my gifts are most needed, trusting that you will lure others to fill the gaps I yearn to fill but do not.


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