The Beckoning Love

One of the reasons that Maggie (my wife) and I chose to let go of most of our possessions was so that we might be able to respond quickly to God’s call. Little did we know that after moving to Portland with only what fit in two cars, we would be called to move again after five months. I confess I feel a bit overwhelmed with the rapidity of the Spirit dancing and beckoning us.

Yet, we are prepared for this move 65-miles east to the Columbia River Gorge. We are light enough on possessions that moving itself fails to daunt me. My heart knows this is what I signed up for when I was baptized so long ago, and when I was ordained last year. Responding to God, requires change and growth. Sometimes more change or more growth than I’d pick for myself.

Creating God,

You are the force of love,
     that propels & connects,
     the mountains & amoeba.

You are the connecting love,
     holding each of us together,
     even when we seem to strive toward hatred.

You are in each of us,
     and between us.
You call to us,
     beckoning us forward,
     that we might do & be Your love.

In the Between, the relationships,
     You continue creating.

May we each let go,
     opening ourselves,
     as co-creators of Your loving vision.


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