Splash, Splish, Ka-SPLOSH!

Blue puddle,

   green puddle,

    brown puddle, too.

Clear puddle,

   murky puddle,

      puddle of grit or goo.

Tiny puddle,

   big puddle,

      gargantuan puddle, woo hoo!

Round, wide, narrow,


      expansive rivers, 

         or mere trickles of damp,

            I like them all.

Puddles deep,

   and puddles that seep.

Puddles filled with life,

   crawling & oozing,

      like worms between my toes.

Puddles that coat my Wellies,

as I splash, splish, Ka-SPLOSH!

Gurgling puddle,

   static puddle,

      gently growing puddle, too.

Stay awhile and I will, too.

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