A Prayer for the Communion Table

Healing and hopeful God,

We feel overwhelmed.
Overwhelmed by responsibilities, details, and self-doubts.
Overwhelmed by loneliness, illness, and grief.
Overwhelmed by wars, hatred, and fears.
Overwhelmed by cold, ice, and snow.
Overwhelmed by bills, broken appliances, and walls in need of paint.
Overwhelmed by the needs of children, aging parents, and family members who have lost their way.

Healing and hopeful God,

Welcome us to your healing table.
Share your warmth, your love, and your hugs.
Send us away from your table with hope for peace within ourselves and between us.
Send us away from your table with hope for spring flowers and resurrections.

Healing and hopeful God,
Send us away from your table healed and focused on your Kindom.

In the name of your son and the grace you provide through him, Amen.

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