All is well with children today

I have had a travel day today. My day began at 3:00 a.m. and is just now ending as I prepare for bed at 10:30 p.m. I arrived in Jacksonville, Florida mid-day for the Southern Early Childhood Association Conference which begins tomorrow morning.

Despite my fatigue I am feeling upbeat because of the children I have seen today. At the terminal in Philadelphia, where I had a two-hour layover, I watched babies and young children with their families. Every single family was exhibiting love and nurturance with their child(ren). I spent the flight from Philly to Jacksonville smiling at a 7-month-old who was traveling with his mother. She exhibited patience and warmth despite the challenges of travel with an infant.

On the ground around noon, I drove out to the beach before checking into my motel. At the beach I observed a father and a near-toddler playing near the ocean. I observed seven- and eight-year-olds creating a huge hole in the sand and filling it with water and creatures washed ashore. Children were clearly free to explore and play while adults’ watchful eyes monitored safety without being intrusive. It was a joy and pleasure to watch.

Today, I would say that the state of childhood in the U.S. is positive.

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